Author Guidelines

Manuscript Preparation

  • A single word processing file, including title, authors, abstract, main text, references and figure legends.
  • Figure(s). Optional
  • Table(s). Optional


According to the World Association of Medical Editors, plagiarism is described as

“…the use of others' published and unpublished ideas or words (or other intellectual property) without attribution or permission, and presenting them as new and original rather than derived from an existing source. The intent and effect of plagiarism are to mislead the reader as to the contributions of the plagiarizer. This applies whether the ideas or words are taken from abstracts, research grant applications, Institutional Review Board applications, or unpublished or published manuscripts in any publication format (print or electronic).”

In order to prevent plagiarism, it is advised for authors to have their manuscripts screened for plagiarism using software such as iThenticate, before submission for publication. Any plagiarism detected before or after publication will be addressed promptly by the editorial board.

Ethical Issues in Experimental Study

Any experimental research with human and non-human subjects must include the mechanism of ethical approval and declaration of ethical approval by a local organization. 

Patient Consent and Privacy

Authors must state whether an informed consent both verbal and written, was obtained from every subject. Articles that must include identifiable features of patients such as pictures of the face, date of birth, etc. must be done in an appropriate manner.

Statement of Non-Duplication

All authors must certify that the manuscript submitted have never been published in other journals, nor is it being considered to be published in any other form of publication.

House Style

Any symbols, nomenclatures, and abbreviations must conform to the American Medical Association Manual of Style. The use of the international standard of units is advisable. A list of abbreviations must be included in the manuscript, following the title page.

Product Information

Medical products, devices, and material used in the study must be mentioned in full nonproprietary name, and if appropriate, its commercial name and manufacturer's name.


The qualification of authorship in InaKidney adheres to the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors ( Author name should be listed in First Name – Middle Name – Surname.

Reporting Guideline and Article Types

Each article submitted must be prepared according to guidelines and/or checklists based on its type, defined by the EQUATOR Network.




Text should be 1.5-spaced. The typeface should be Times/Times New Roman or similar serif typeface. Body text size should be no smaller than 10 pt and no larger than 12 pt.  Page size should be international A4 size (210 × 297 millimeters). Include page numbers in the manuscript file.


The full title should be specific, descriptive, concise, and comprehensible to readers outside the subject field. Authors should include the species or model system used (for biological papers) or the type of study design (for clinical papers).

Authors and Affiliation

 All author names should be listed in the following order: First names, middle names (or initials, if used), and last names (surname, family name), followed by medical and/or highest academic degrees (eg, MD, Ph.D.). Each author should list an associated department, university, or organizational affiliation and its location, including city, state/province (if applicable), and country. Other parties who contributed to the scientific paper that did not meet the criteria for authorship can be listed in the Acknowledgement section.

When a large group or center has conducted the work, the author list should include the individuals whose contributions meet the authorship criteria defined above, as well as the group name. Authors should also disclose whether they had any writing assistance.

One author should be designated as the corresponding author, and his or her email address should be included on the manuscript cover page. This information will be published with the article when accepted.


The abstract should be no more than 350 words, summarizing the problem being considered, how the study was performed, the salient results, and the principal conclusions. Specific instructions regarding abstract structure are often included in the relevant reporting guidelines checklist.

Introduction/Materials and Methods/Results/Discussion and Conclusions

The overall structure of your manuscript text should be in compliance with the corresponding reporting guideline. For example, a CONSORT compliant manuscript should include the following sections, as defined by the CONSORT checklist:

  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Other Information

Statistical Analysis

In the Methods section:

  • Identify the statistical tests used to analyze the data and the determined P value that was taken to indicate a significant difference.
  • Cite only textbooks and published article references to support your choices of tests.
  • Identify any statistics software used. (List software name, version, and company in parentheses in the text, not in the reference list.)

In the Results section:

  • Report actual P values rather than thresholds: not just whether the P value was above or below the significant-difference threshold. Example: write "P = 0.18", not "P > 0.05" or "P = NS."
  • P should be expressed to 2 digits for P ≥ 0.01 because expressing P to more than 3 digits does not add useful information. If P < 0.001, it should be expressed as P < 0.001, rather than P < 0.0001 or P = 0.00001 for example. In certain types of studies, it may be important to express P values to more significant digits. Please consult the AMA Manual of Style for further direction. 


Before submitting, please be sure that you have gathered the following requirements:

  • For all authors:

o          First and last name

o          Postal address

o          Email address

o          Work telephone number

o          Work fax number

o          Potential conflict of interest

  • Article title (can be copied and pasted from the manuscript)
  • Abstract (can be copy and pasted from the manuscript)
  • Covering letter (this will not be visible to the reviewers)
  • The manuscript file, which should include the main article and any tables and/or text boxes
  • Figure files; each figure should be saved as a separate file
  • Contact information (name, email address, and institution) of any peer-reviewers to be considered for contact or exclusion